Where has the time gone?

Well, it's about 5 days before New Year's and it seems appropriate that I am wondering where the time has vanished to.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The "Holiday Season" scurried by faster than I ever could have imagined.  I realize that I haven't posted since the day before Thanksgiving, and for that I apologize.  Life got in the way.  I became a full time army wife, a friend, and a workout fanatic.  So let me give you a brief summary of what's been happening.

Thanksgiving was amazing!  We had my sister, two friends from MI, and two guys from Hubs' EBOLC class come over for the meal.  We had so much food it was borderline ridiculous.  Still it was wonderful.  My kitchen was mass chaos and there often wasn't one speck of counter showing, but we had fun.  I was very proud of my first attempt as the Thanksgiving Hostess.
I was very proud of my candied sweet potatoes
Hubs and Dave made the best stuffing I have ever tasted
Trying to keep Hubs away from food is impossible

So that was Thanksgiving.  The month of December was filled with insanely long hours for Hubs, lots of working out, quite a bit of Christmas shopping, and a general feeling that I was starting to fall in love with Fort Leonard Wood.  I never thought I would like it there.  But I can't help but miss the amazing people I've met while I am at home for the holidays.  I like that I can make my own schedule.  I love that I found a friend that likes to work out as much (if not more) than I do.  It really has become a home and I will be sad to leave in April.  

Next came Christmas.  We spent 3 days up in MI visiting friends and family and then came back down to IL to spend Christmas with my family.  Our visit to MI was short, but wonderful.  We were able to see and spend time with all of our friends.  It was a little bittersweet because we were missing Hubs' best friend who is currently serving in Afghanistan.  Still, I was very thankful to spend time in MI.  I miss the mitten state and can't wait to return. 

We are still in IL until Sunday morning.  Christmas with my family was great as usual.  Lots of laughs, lots of presents, lots of love.  My mom does a spectacular job of being the Christmas hostess.  She does an even better job of picking out the perfect presents for every member in our family.  She does so much in the midst of working full time with pre-schoolers and baking full time for Pat's Perfect Pastries.   It's always so good to be home for the holidays.  

Tonight Hubs and I will spending the night at the Fairmont in Chicago.  We didn't get to celebrate Christmas with just the two of us this year and that greatly distressed me.  I love the holidays, especially holiday traditions.  I wanted to make sure Hubs and I started our own traditions because we are our own immediate family now.  It's important that we do what's best for us both in the midst of holiday hustle and bustle and in our every day decision making.  Because Hubs decided that we should leave early from MO to go to MI, we didn't get time to celebrate with just us.  After he realized how sad I was about not celebrating, he suggested downtown Chicago and I agreed excitedly. 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.  May you experience the peace of Christ this Christmas, and every day after.