Prime Your Eyes

I don't know about you, but I've been pretty frustrated with my eye shadow these days.  I feel like I put it on in the morning and it gradually comes off during my day to day activies.  I decided I needed to try Mary Kay's eye primer.  I've used it a few times and I am in love with this product.  Not only does it increase the staying power of your eye shadow, but it also creates a nice surface on your eyelid so your eye shadow doesn't smudge or crease.  I highly recommend trying this product.  If you don't like it, MK always has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

Until next time,


Brazil Butt Lift

It's Friday!  Let's talk Fitness. 

I am sure most of you have heard of Beachbody's Insanity or P90X.  Butt (ha!) have you heard of Leondro's Brazil Butt Lift?  Let me tell you, it's amazing.  I first learned about this system when I was living at FLW, attending Body Blast 3x a week.  The instructor, one of my dear friends, began introducing some of Leondro's signature moves during her class.  I never believed in spot reduction before I started this program.  But now I can honestly say that my booty is stronger and firmer because of Leondro's specialized booty program.  The key is his TRIANGLE training method, which works the three major muscle groups from different directions.  After I left FLW, I began this program on my own.  I love the different workouts and appreciate how sore my "bum bum" feels after the "High & Tight" DVD.  I highly recommend this system, especially if you want to lift that booty!    

Guest Bed & Bath

Let's continue the home tour:

This is the guest bedroom aka Othello's room.  This is where
Othello keeps watch over his kingdom--our neighborhood.
The bedspread is from my college days.  It was originally from
IKEA.  I made the pillows myself.  The trunk is one of my
favorite pieces of furniture.  It was from Hubs' step dad.  I still haven't
hung the curtains in this room.  I promise it will be done by the time my
Mom and sister visit!

Another picture of the trunk.  The "I heart Michigan"
picture is from The Wheatfield, an etsy shop.  The prints next to the
window are from NaptimeDiaries, another etsy shop.

This is our lovely guest bathroom.  2 days ago, we found out the shower is broken.
Hubs tried to give Othello a shower and the water sprayed up toward the ceiling
rather than down like most showers.   The curtains and towels are from Kohls (Thanks Mom!)