Meet Othello

Last night, Hubs and I drove to Grand Rapids, MI to get the new addition to our family--a black labradoodle puppy.  He is the sweetest thing.  When he's on the ground, he enjoys playing, but otherwise he just loves to be held and cuddled.  In fact, he is currently in the other room cuddly with Hubs while they nap.  His first night wasn't terrible.  He slept soundly in his crate for about 3 hours before he woke up and started to whine.  Because we live in an apartment with neighbors, we let him cuddle with us after about 20 minutes of whining.  We didn't want to disturb the apartment building.  He started up by us and slowly inched toward the end up the bed until he was right in front of the fan.  He is such a joy to have around.  I'm looking forward to training him and watching him grow up.


Our first home

This is what you see when you walk in the door.
To the right is the bedroom and to the left is  the living room.
[Not pictured: entrance to bathroom]

There is not much to see in the bathroom.   It's tiny.
The curtain is from Kohls. 
Our sink and mirror.  There is not room for two people to get ready in the morning.
Notice the moneky toothbruth holder.  Thank you, Tyler & Jordan Matthews.
The monkey's head bobs in the light.  

This is our closet.  It's small but it works for us.
On the top, you will notice two canvas bins.
The right one is for t-shirts Hubs is not allowed to wear in public.
The left one holds acceptable t-shirts 

Close up of our bedspread from Bed Bath & Beyond

Our bed and my stuffed animals.  Oreo, the panda was a gift from my parents.  I've had him since I was five .
Buddy, the polar bear, was my first birthday present from Hubs.  

Our living room from the back.
The curtains are from Target and I made the couch pillows.

Candle set from Bed Bath & Beyond ($4.38)
Living room from in front of the TV.
Hi Hubs!

Books I have to read...

Books I want to read...

Our "dining room table" aka card table
Table cloth and vase on clearance from Target
This stand was in the apartment and holds necessary small kitchen appliances
Notice the doggie dish in the corner!
Puppy comes today!

Our teeny, tiny kitchen.  Notice the lack of counter space.
It makes cooking/baking rather difficult.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our home!  We're getting a new addition today!  I'm excited to introduce you to our new labrdoodle puppy.



A Few Favorites from the Weekend

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending
Tyler and Jordan Matthews'  wedding.  
The wedding was beautiful.  
Here's a peak....
You can see the rest on Facebook  

 This is the center piece from the rehearsal dinner.  
Hubs and me

The couples from the "Ghana" table

The girls...all dolled up 
And we started showing off our rings
Hubs is so stinkin' cute
The Newlyweds--Tyler & Jordan

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  
We still have three more weddings to attend this summer.
Stay tuned to hear about all of our adventures.

Next up:  Apartment Tour



Musings of a Mrs.

Welp, my first "book" is finished. I closed my school books and I graduated college. About 3oish days later, I closed my single book and got married. I am no longer a student; I am a professional. I am no longer a single gal; I am a married woman. I am no longer Miss Botma. I am Mrs. Chew. (Boy, that is going to be hard for me to get used to.) It's been a summer full of changes.

I've officially been married for 16 days. Ten days after Hubs and I got married, I had to leave for 4 nights to go on a youth conference. Even though we spent all of our dating relationship apart, it was still hard for me to leave him so quickly after the wedding. I missed him a lot while I was away, and I am very happy to back home to my hubs, even if he is a little messy.

Lately I've been struggling with purpose and motivation. I'm so used to doing huge, life-changing things over the summer. While getting married is life-changing, it's not the same type of life-changing that I've grown accustomed to the past few years. Hubs and I have both talked about how much we miss working at SpringHill. We miss the community. We miss the campers. We miss serving at one of the most God centered places on earth. We both miss being a part of God's awesome plan at SpringHill. Of course I know that God still has a plan for me and us. It's just hard to believe that He is actually using me when my day consists of cooking, cleaning, working out, running errands, and writing wedding thank you cards.

I am excited to actually get on our feet. Right now I feel like I am in transit. I can't settle down where we living because I know we're moving out in four weeks. I can't settle at our next home because it's my parents' house. I can't settle at our home in Missouri because we will only be there for 5 months. I feel like a nomad. I am excited to settle down somewhere and make friends. I am excited to find a teaching job. I am excited to have our own home that I can decorate and organize. I just have to be patient for the next few months. It's just so hard sometimes.

I intend to use this blog in many ways. As a military wife, my life will always be a journey and I will always need to reflect. That is the primary way my blog has been and will be used. I would also like to incorporate my hobbies into my blog. I want to learn more about photography and training a puppy. I'd like to write about books I've read, recipes I've tried, and crafts I've attempted. I hope to use this blog for all of those things.

Okay. Let's begin this next journey...together.