Thanksgiving Preparations

Whew.  I just spent 3.5 hours in the kitchen beginning preparations for my debut as a Thanksgiving Day cook.  So exciting!

This past weekend I baked cookies and threw them in the freezer for our guests to munch on.

Today I baked pumpkin slices and an Espresso Orea Mud Pie (like the Mongolian Mud Pie at BD's).

I also screwed up muffins and am hoping no one will notice.  I can make many things, but apparently I cannot follow directions for a box of Cinnabon Cinnamon Muffins.  I forgot an egg.  I was too busy singing along to my favorite Glee songs.  They look ok and taste fine, they're just not as moist as I'd like them to be.  Hopefully no one will care.

Finally, I made corn chower with dumplings for tomorrow night.  Our guests will be arriving a around 7ish so I want to have something ready for them when they get here.  Homemade corn chower and homemade bread.  Yum.  I have all I can do not to eat the whole pot of chowder right now.  It's so yummy.

Tomorrow I will cook the turkey and do one more final cleaning of the house.  I love being the hostess.



A typical week for Kait

Well, my interview with Starbucks went very well.  The interviewer told me I was p-e-r-f-e-c-t for the job.  Unfortunately, they didn't have any openings at the moment.  She did say, however, that she would call me as soon as something opened up.  Let's keep hoping that something opens up soon!

I feel like I should share what my day-to-day life looks like.  I workout everyday.  I go to Anytime Fitness almost everyday and lift, spin, run, take classes on demand, do yoga or zumba.  Yoga has become one of my favorite things.  When I am really sore from a step class, nothing feels better than doing 10 downward dogs and sun salutations.  I also go to classes at the fitness center on post with the other wives.  I think I've done zumba 6 out of 7 days this week.  I'm a zumba fanatic.  I should be an instructor.

When I am not at the gym, I can often be found at Wal-Mart or the Commissary.  The Commissary has amazing prices and saves us a lot of money on groceries.  If I can't find something there, I head over to the Wal.  It's a really nice Wal-Mart and has plenty to satisfy my DIY and crafting needs.  

I have a chore chart and do different chores everyday so I don't spend a whole day cleaning on the weekend.  My vacuuming day is Thursdays, but I'm pretty sure I've vacuumed the past three days in a row (stupid white-ish carpet and black-haired dog).  I also make dinner every night.  I've tried lots of delicious recipes including chicken enchiladas, pizza pot pies, Thai pineapple chicken stir fry, and lots of other yummy things.

My next kitchen challenge will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  My lovely sister, and two friends are driving down from the Mitten State to celebrate with us.  I can't wait!  I'm going to start my preparations today.      

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


I have a Dream...

...to work at Starbucks Coffee.  Anybody who knows me well, knows this little fun fact about me.  I don't know if it's the coffee or the atmosphere, but I've always wanted to work at Starbucks.  I love the idea of waiting on people and making them coffee.  I love that I would be able to brighten someone's day with smile and a warm caramel macchiatto.   I am hoping that this dream will come true--soon.  Yesterday I stopped at the Starbucks on post after waking up at 4:50 am to get my military dependent ID.  While I was ordering my skinny salted caramel mocha, I asked about a job application.  They sent me to the HR dept at the Post Office to get the information I needed.  I went home, filled out the application, called HR, and got an interview for Wednesday at 9:15.

Please say a prayer that the interview goes well.  Not only do I need something to keep me busy here in Missouri, I could also use the extra money, and the human contact for that matter.




I'm an Army Wife: lessons from an "educational" tv drama

Yesterday was my first official day as an army wife and Hubs' first official day as an army officer.  Hubs began basic officer leadership couse (BOLC) on Monday.  So far so good.  Aside from the loooong hours, I think I will enjoy army life.  I think I was more nervous than Hubs was on his first day.  I just wanted everything to go well.  We've been anticipating this for so long.  Our life is finally in motion.

 I learned that there are two other guys in Hubs' class that have wives.  I told him that he had to make friends with them so I can meet their wives.  I haven't made any friends yet.  It's hard to meet people when you're not on a college campus and you don't have a job.  I was hoping to meet people at my gym, but it's pretty new so it's never very busy.  I did apply to sub in the Waynesville Public School District, so hopefully that works out.  I need to get my butt back in the classroom.  I miss it.  

Let's get to the meat in the post.

I have a new addiction.  Has anyone heard of the Lifetime tv series "Army Wives"?  Well apparently it's been on the air for 5 seasons.  I started watching it instantly on netflix a few weeks ago.  It's good.  Hubs even watched it with me for a little while.  He was even smiling, which I think was because he was enjoying the show.  I like it when he watches with me because I can ask questions like "Does that happen in real army life?"  "Is that acronym right?"  "How realistic is this situation?"  Strangely enough, this show has helped me maintain a positive attitude about being an army wife.  Now don't get me wrong, the has not brainwashed me into thinking my life is going to be like a Hollywood tv show.  However, I am convinced that I will be able to handle the challenges that come with being in the army.  The show has done a good job of explaining why it's so important for me to be strong, be supportive, and be flexible. 

 I used to think it sucked that I couldn't pursue my goals because of the army.  I was often upset because I didn't feel like the army cared about what I wanted or how I felt about anything.  Whether or not that's true is not and shouldn't be important.  The army may not care that I would rather live in Colorado or Washington or North Carolina.  They may not care that I've dreamed of teaching high school in western Michigan.  They do care about Hubs.  More importantly they care about my freedom.  That's more important than where I live right?  And where I teach?  I know this sounds crazy, but these are lessons that I've learned from my new tv show addiction--and from my long hours at home by myself.

So my love/hate relationship with the army continues.  I love what they do.  I love that they take care of us pretty well.  I hate their disorganization.  I hate how much I have to worry because my husband is in the army.  But this is my new life.  I am now an army wife and I intend to embrace this life and make the most of it.  



Go State!

In honor of today's game, I thought I'd post about MSU.

Before I started dating Hubs, I had never been to a football game.  My high school didn't have football and neither did my college.  I didn't know what I was missing.

In fall of 2009, Hubs took me to my very first football game--MSU vs. U of M.  For all you football fans out there, you know this rivalry is HUGE.  MSU dominated pretty much the whole game and U of M caught up at the end.  MSU won in over time.


Later that fall, Hubs took me to the MSU vs. Northwestern game.  It was not nearly as exciting as the first game, but we still won.


A year later Hubs took me to the famous MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  This is the one when we won in overtime with a trick play.  Aaron Bates was supposedly going to kick the ball and being a quarterback in high school, picked up the ball and threw a touch down.


See a pattern yet?

A month later, I went to the MSU vs. Purdue game.  Win.


A year later.  MSU vs. Wisconsin.  Tough game.  I honestly thought their winning streak for the games I attend was going to end.  1st quarter.  14-0.  For sure this game was over.  However, the defense kicked it up a notch and outplayed Wisconsin.  At the end, we started to fall apart and Wisconsin tied it up with just seconds to go.  Thinking we were headed into a (probably losing) overtime, I began to shake.  With 4 seconds to go, Kirk Cousins hail mary-ed the football down the field.  It bounced off Cunningham's (I think) helmet and landed in the hands of Nichol.  Nichol broke the plane and WE WON!




We won, baby!

I should've went to the Nebraska game last week.  I mean, I am living in Missouri.  Nebraska isn't that far.  It could've been win # 6 for me.

Go State!


P.S.  My hair is getting so long....maybe a chop is in my near future??


Aruba, Bahama, Come on baby wanna..

...Go to Antigua?  I definitely want to go back.  Our honeymoon was the most relaxing week I have ever experienced.  We spent our time by our private pool reading and swimming.  I read Nicholas Sparks' book Safe Haven and Kathryn Scott's The Help.  Hubs read a couple books as well, I just don't remember the names.  They were boy books--violent and action filled.  Aside from that, we ate--a lot.  The food was amazing.  The first night I started a competition.  Because the food in the evenings was rather fancy (read: we didn't always understand what we were ordering) I decided that we should see who orders the best dishes each night.  Every meal was 4 courses, there was only one soup option per night so you could only earn up to 3 points in one night.  If you ordered the same thing, no points.  If we both liked our own dishes or each other's dishes better, no points.  We were only awarded points if the other person's dish was clearly the better choice.  I was ahead for the entire vacation--until Sunday night.  Sunday Hubs tied it up and on Monday he beat me.  If you know us, you know we love watching the food network.  This gave us a chance to act like some of the judges from Chopped and critque the food.  On our last full day, we took advantage of their wellness cottage and got a couples massage.  It was glorious.

In front of our adorable cottage

Cocobay Resort

The beach

The other beach

Another view 

Our patio and plunge pool.  It was an infinity pool so it looked like we were in the ocean!

Dressed up for dinner



Project Bedroom

Waaaay back in August, Hubs and I repainted/redecorated the room we were living in at my parents' house.  I have to say, I love how it turned out and the colors are probably going to be my inspiration at my new house.

We used Behr Premium Plus paint to cover the turquoise and yellow walls.
Our color is Burnished Metal.
It's hard to see in this photo, but it really does look beautiful.
The bedspread was on sale from Target, a Room Essentials back-to-college-sale.  

The lamp is from Target (from like 8 years ago, but they do still carry it)
The print is from The Wheatfield shop on Etsy.
(Thank you, Amy, for sharing this shop with me!)

Curtains, sheets, and and throw pillows...all Target

These are frams that I spray painted green and peuter.
The empty one will be receiving a wedding photo.

It needed one more thing...this one?

Or this one?

The other side of the room

I hope you like it!  Hubs and I were pretty proud of how it turned out.  We were very comfortable in this room for a few months.  



Happy Halloween/Meet my mom

Welp, this month has been C-R-A-Z-Y.  It's probably going to take me all of November to update you on October.  I would skip ahead into the present, but I wouldn't want to skip writing about our honeymoon, our trip the Florida, our visit to Michigan, and our move to Missouri--all these things have happened since I last posted.

Today's post, however, will be short and sweet.

Meet my mom.  She works as a teacher aide for pre-schoolers.  She also bakes on the side through a business she started out of our house called Pat's Perfect Pastries.  I think that's where she got the inspiration for her Halloween costume this year.  She's a little nuts sometimes, but I love her and I am thankful for her.

That's all for now.  Enjoy!