Our first home

This is what you see when you walk in the door.
To the right is the bedroom and to the left is  the living room.
[Not pictured: entrance to bathroom]

There is not much to see in the bathroom.   It's tiny.
The curtain is from Kohls. 
Our sink and mirror.  There is not room for two people to get ready in the morning.
Notice the moneky toothbruth holder.  Thank you, Tyler & Jordan Matthews.
The monkey's head bobs in the light.  

This is our closet.  It's small but it works for us.
On the top, you will notice two canvas bins.
The right one is for t-shirts Hubs is not allowed to wear in public.
The left one holds acceptable t-shirts 

Close up of our bedspread from Bed Bath & Beyond

Our bed and my stuffed animals.  Oreo, the panda was a gift from my parents.  I've had him since I was five .
Buddy, the polar bear, was my first birthday present from Hubs.  

Our living room from the back.
The curtains are from Target and I made the couch pillows.

Candle set from Bed Bath & Beyond ($4.38)
Living room from in front of the TV.
Hi Hubs!

Books I have to read...

Books I want to read...

Our "dining room table" aka card table
Table cloth and vase on clearance from Target
This stand was in the apartment and holds necessary small kitchen appliances
Notice the doggie dish in the corner!
Puppy comes today!

Our teeny, tiny kitchen.  Notice the lack of counter space.
It makes cooking/baking rather difficult.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our home!  We're getting a new addition today!  I'm excited to introduce you to our new labrdoodle puppy.


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  1. i love the "acceptable" and "non-acceptable" t-shirt bins. we sort of have the same system...except i throw out the non-acceptable shirts!

    and, i love love love your cute apartment! can't wait to follow all the places you'll be living. i totally have the same blue and white tablecloth from target on our table right now! you gotta love clearance!

    othello. such a cute puppy!

    i miss you girl, i'm going to follow all your adventures on here! praying for you two!