Brazil Butt Lift

It's Friday!  Let's talk Fitness. 

I am sure most of you have heard of Beachbody's Insanity or P90X.  Butt (ha!) have you heard of Leondro's Brazil Butt Lift?  Let me tell you, it's amazing.  I first learned about this system when I was living at FLW, attending Body Blast 3x a week.  The instructor, one of my dear friends, began introducing some of Leondro's signature moves during her class.  I never believed in spot reduction before I started this program.  But now I can honestly say that my booty is stronger and firmer because of Leondro's specialized booty program.  The key is his TRIANGLE training method, which works the three major muscle groups from different directions.  After I left FLW, I began this program on my own.  I love the different workouts and appreciate how sore my "bum bum" feels after the "High & Tight" DVD.  I highly recommend this system, especially if you want to lift that booty!    


  1. Kait, you should also try P90x YogaX if you want to work out your booty. I can say from experience...it works it! Plus many other parts of your body.

  2. how many calories do i need to intake while doing the Brazilian buttock lift program?
    i intake 1,200 right now. but if you workout dont you need to intake more?
    my healthy diets has fiber & good fats and carbs in it so i have that down.
    but how many calories needed w/ a daily program?
    serious answers only please!