2nd to last chapter

Well, I've almost come to the end of my senior year at Calvin College. Everyone always told me, "Enjoy these years. They will go by so fast. They're the best years of your life." I didn't believe them and I was wrong. I have experienced some of the worst and best things during these four years. I have had some serious heartache and some outrageous joy. Even though Calvin has taken all my money, they have treated me well. I have learned a lot in the classroom and outside the classroom. I feel ready to take my place in the real world as a teacher--and a wife. That's right, I am a teacher. I am almost officially finished with my student teaching semester. 4 months ago I thought I would not survive student teaching. I was terrified of my student teaching semester. I had no idea how I could possibly plan all the lessons I had to plan, take 398, plan a wedding, and still try to have time for my darling fiance as well as myself. Somehow, some way, I got through. Actually, I shouldn't say that I got through it. God carried me through this semester. He was the One who held me together when I felt like I was ripping at the seems. He was the constant factor in my ever changing life. Thank you, Jesus.

I am no longer a student. I am not a friend but I am here to help. I am in charge of my classroom. I am the boss. I am a grammarian. I am here to learn. Although I don't like it, I am a disciplinarian. I am not a big sister; I am a professional. I am a listening ear. I am a friendly smile. I am your new English teacher. Say hello to Miss Botma, the future Mrs. Chew.

These are just a few lessons I've had to learn this semester. I 've been challenged. I've cried. I've felt defeated. I've felt successful. I've felt joyful. I've felt excited. Now I feel accomplished, satisfied, and proud.

Part of me doesn't want this semester to end. There's so much more I want to do here with my students, at Calvin College and in the city of Grand Rapids. Alas, every good thing must come to an end right? I'm getting ready to close this book. I'm in the second to last chapter of my college years. Even as I write this, I am getting nostaligic. I feel a lump in my throat. I wasn't aware that I was going to miss this. Nevertheless, I have so many things to look forward to. I am graduating in about 3 weeks. I am getting married in 65 days. Marriage is going to bring about a whole new series of journeys and reflections. As a military wife, I will have lots to reflect on.

It shall be an exciting next few months. If I remember, I will try to reflect more frequently.


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