Beginning of the End...

It is the final week of my fall semester at Calvin---my last fall semester at Calvin. That's right, I've managed to cram 5 years worth of study into 4 years + a summer. Let me tell you, I am more than happy about that. Anyway, this semester was spent teacher aiding, preluding assisting, studying, studying and more studying. It's nice that I've finally figured how to manage my time and schoolwork without getting too stressed. It's about time I learned how to do that.

I've learned a lot about myself this semester. I didn't know how passionate I was about education and students. I never realized how much I care about the educational system. I've been blessed in my Christian school systems. I've had amazing teachers who care deeply about their students. It's so discouraging that not all teachers are that way. I met teachers this fall who didn't "give a damn" about their students (and that's a quote). I have to wonder why these people become teachers in the first place. The job is demanding and draining. Why would someone choose a job like this one if they're not in love with it? I'm sure that's a question I will continue to grapple with as time goes on...

Thankfully, I was able to teach an entire unit to 10th graders while I was working at the high school this fall. It was an amazing experience. My teacher said my plans were well thought out. She was quite impressed with my work. Even though I questioned a lot of the day-to-day routines at the school, it was a good experience. I learned about managing a classroom and I was able to experience teaching. I now feel like I can move on to student teaching. I'm still quite nervous, but I know that I am ready. Calvin has prepared me. This is what I am supposed to be doing. Like that one important guy said, "Your vocation is where your deepest passion meets the world's greatest need." Teaching will be my vocation. I am excited to see how God will use me in the lives of my students. Let the journey continue.


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  1. Beuchner. I think that important guy was Frederick Buechner. Except I don't remember which way you spell it.