Little kids are houligans...

It's Wednesday evening and I am over half finished with this week of teaching (and over half way finished with my trip). Boy, am I exhausted. Monday & Tuesday were rather challening. I only have two students in my morning class so it makes it difficult to plan fun & exciting activities. I have two identical Rhythm & Games classes in the afternoons. The students in those classes are CRAZY. No joke. They're worse than wild houligans. On Monday, they couldn't even sit still for 1 minute to learn how to play a new game. I tried to start teaching the rules and one little girl would dart one way after 5 sec. Then another girl would dart the other way. Then ALL the students were running every which direction and I was left standing there...dumbfounded. I couldn't believe the energy that these crazy kids had. I was at a loss as to what to do with them. On Tuesday, I decided to take them outside and make them run around playing tag until they were too tired to stand. Much to my dismay, they still had TONS of energy after 30 minutes of running around in the hot & humid weather. Because I was sweating from just standing there, I brought them inside and had them play musical chairs. Today was much better. They seem to like the game "Simon Says" and I had them draw to different classical pieces of music. I told them to paint a "musical map." I wanted their paintings to show what the music made them see & feel. It went quite well.

Last night we were blessed to be invited over to a church lady's house for dinner. She hosted about 20 people...all of which were connected to the United States in some way. Either they were Indonesians attending school in the States, Americans living in Indonesia, or other Ex-Pats who have lived in the States at some point in their lives. We were served a traditional Indonesian meal. It was wonderful. I wish I could've enjoyed it more but I was incredibly tired. I couldn't stay awake. I was literally falling asleep in the middle of conversations. It was quite sad actually.

Alright, I miss you all!



  1. By "over finished" I meant "over half finished"

  2. Hi Kait - nice to hear that it does not matter where children live, they can be crazy anywhere. Enjoy your adventure-it will stay with you forever! Happy "Camp Counseling" Love, Auntie Kath