When I grow up, I want to be a teacher!

This week has been going 1,000x better than last week. I am so thankful for all your prayers.

This week I am teaching creative writing to 7-9 graders in the early morning. Fine Arts (music) to 4-6 graders in the late morning and gymnastics/world games to little kids in the afternoon. I love my creative writing class. My students work so hard and are extremely creative. I've truly enjoyed listening to the their stories and poems and anything else I assign them. Today one student thanked me for such an enjoyable class. Then he asked how to expand his vocabulary and his creativity. I smiled and told him to keep reading.

On Monday we were invited to another church lady's house. Her name was Ibu (Bahasa for "Miss") Seemun (pronounced see-moon). She and her family were such a joy to spend time with. We had a wonderful Indonesian meal, and to top it off, her daughter made Oreo cheesecake for dessert! It felt like home! (No worries mom, yours is still my favorite.) We also met her husband and two sons. Her oldest son goes to school at UCLA so it was fun talking to him about the States. After dinner, Ibu Seemun shared her sketches from her recent trip Isreal. She is a very talented artist. She shared different Bible verses and she gave each of a cross made from Olive wood. (The same wood they used for Jesus' crown of thorns). After she was finished sharing her sketches she asked to pray for us. In her prayer she mentioned each of us by name. It was almost strange how she picked up on different parts of our personalities. I was amazed at how she prayed for my voice and asked that I use it for drawing people closer to God. She asked that people will feel safe around me and that I will continue to build communities by using my voice. Throughout the evening she had mentioned (a few times) how I have a voice that rings and how it should be used for leadership and building communities. It was interesting how she kept telling me to use my projective voice. I thought it was really neat how she picked up on the intricate details of our personalities. After she prayed with us, she showed us some of her paintings and shared the stories behind them. Her paintings are basically a manifestation of her faith. It was so cool to hear and see this woman of God painting for God's glory. I am really thankful for that experience.

Alright. I only have 6 days left in Asia. I am quite excited to come home but I will also miss the people here. Please pray that we have a good rest of this week and safe travels to Hong Kong on Saturday.



  1. except for one fifth grader. me!!!

  2. in the creative writing class!

  3. aww yes. And one awesome fifth grader!

  4. Hey, Kait! It's hard to believe that you're courageously eating all the Indonesian food. Before you went, Julie and I were thinking, "I hope Kait has expanded her ability to eat adventurously since Mexico..." I loved the food in Indonesia when I was there (except the durian...too much like soap for me). If you get a chance. have a mango smoothie for me.