So much to say...so little time

Today is my second full day here in Lippo Village, Indonesia. I have so much to describe. We finally made it to Jakarta at 2pm on Wednesday afternoon after traveling for 36 hours. We were exhausted. Right away we were taken to SPH, where we will be working. The campus seriously makes Illiana look like a dump. :-) The architecture is just beautiful and there are all kinds of palm trees and flowered trees. I'll have to post pictures at a later date so you can see what I'm talking about. We met a few children yesterday and they were so cute. They all would run up to us and start shaking our hands. The younger ones gave us snacks and the older ones wanted pictures. It's strange because we're treated like royalty here. I definitely do not deserve this treatment. It's humbling to have these people treat us with such kindness. All the administration and fellow teachers are so welcoming and hospitable. We felt right at home immediately.

The food here is wonderful. We've been eating like kings and queens. I was hoping to lose a few pounds here and it looks like that's going to be more difficult than I originally imagined. We had a traditional Indonesian dinner on Wednesday night where we sat on the ground and ate fried duck, tempei, fried tofu, grilled lei lei (pronounced lay lay and it's a whole fish with the skin and bones!) and coconut milk. Delicious. I have learned it's better not to ask what I'm eating because then it's easier to be adventurous.

The Christian community here is amazing. They're so tight-knit and reliant on God. It's beautiful to see a Christian community this strong in the midst of a Muslim country. God truly does work in powerful ways here in Indonesia and I can't wait to experience more of His grace here at SPH.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.


P.S. Prayer Request: My teaching schedule has already changed a lot and I need to adapt and change many things. Pray for patience and creativity. I am running a blank and how to develop more creative lesson plans about math, science and even rhythm and games.

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  1. Can't wait to see some of that architecture! Praying for ya!