The Final Reflection (about Indonesia)

Hi Friends,

I have been back in the United States for about 5 days now. Last Wednesday I traveled about 29 hours and finally was picked up from the airport at midnight. I was exhausted but I could not sleep. Thanks, jet-lag. It was nice to spend a few days at home to catch up with family and take some pictures. I didn't get a whole lot of time to unwind, however. I left two days later for SpringHill Camps in Evart, MI. So now I am going to do my best to reflect on what I learned through this process.

First: God brought me outside of my comfort zone the past two summers. Last summer He brought me to SpringHill, where I was stretched and challenged more than I could ever believe. This summer He again got me out of my comfort zone and brought me to the other side of the world. I wanted so badly to spend my full summer working at camp. And at first I was really frustrated that I couldn't stay. But through this process, I have learned to rely on God. I have learned that His plan is bigger and greater than what I can comprehend.

Second: I got to experience another culture. I was able to live in a new Christian community. A Christian community that was surrounded by a strong Muslim community. A Christian community in which I was able to meet some friends from all over the world. Not only was I able to be a part of this community, but I also had the privilege of learning about their culture. I learned that people from the other side of the world aren't that different. But at the same time I was able to see the differences that make each of our homes special. I learned that Asia does not think of breakfast the same way Americans do. And now I appreciate breakfast more. :-) But that's just one small thing.

Finally: I saw how God can and might use me in a foreign country. I loved teaching my students and I want to go back to Asia someday. But now I am at camp. I am on my two hour break and it's time for me to focus on my campers. It's time for me to let God use me here. At Springhill. I have 40 campers this week. I felt extremely unprepared coming back to this place. I missed most of training because of Indonesia so I feel "out of the loop." But yesterday I realized that didn't matter. God can still use me even if I am "out of the loop." So now I ask for your prayers for me, my team and especially my campers. I want them to experience God these next two weeks. I want to be strong for them and I want to grow with them.

Please stay tuned if you want to hear camp stories.


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