Another Journey...

As I sit here trying to do homework I find myself distracted. I am thinking about graduation. I am thinking about teaching. I am thinking about SpringHill and Indonesia and SPH and all my students. I find myself longing to be back at SpringHill and I often wonder how my friends in Indonesia are doing. And then I find myself thanking God for the wonderful summer I had.

If I could summarize my summer in one word it would be: STRETCHED

Whether I was on the other side of the world or right at home at SpringHill, God continually kicked me out of my comfort zone. I'm pretty sure He did this to teach me a little more dependence on Him. Nonetheless, I'm glad He did.

I've already written about how God stretched me in Indonesia. Let me talk about camp a little bit. I had two days to recover between my world travels and my journey at SpringHill. The decision to go to camp that quickly probably wasn't the best, but God pulled me through. My first team was a struggle because I had to be the disciplinarian on my team. That was a huge struggle for me. I kept imagining that camp would be just like it was the year before. It was so weird to come back and be "that one girl that left training early to go do something I can't remember." That already threw me off. But on top of that, I had this role, the disciplinarian role, that I hated. I felt like God wasn't using me. I felt like I couldn't connect with my campers. But then God blessed me with an amazing work crew and beautiful small group. Those 8 people got me through the two weeks. He showed me that He can still use me even when I am struggling. I never cry when I say good-bye to campers. But with that team, I couldn't stop crying. It was amazing what God had done in their lives. He was truly glorified in that team.

I could go on forever about other ways God kicked me out of my comfort zone with following teams. But instead I want to talk about a new journey I'm embarking on....

I started teahcer aiding last week. That's right. I'm growing up and I'm gonna be a teacher. Last week was quite a challenge. I am in a public school which is a challenge in it of itself. (I'ven been in Christian schools since kindergarten.) Thankfully, this week is getting better. I am enjoying myself and I like gaining experience. I find myself looking at teacher teacher websites and getting excited about ideas I can implement in my classroom someday. I am looking forward to this journey of teaching. I'm already being stretched. I can't wait to see how God will continue you to stretch me outside my comfort zone.


P.S. Feel free to share ideas about teaching! I love "stealing" good ideas...

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