As I get closer to school starting, I've been thinking a lot about countdowns. Have you ever noticed that life is full of different kinds of countdows?  There are many wonderful countdowns--countdown to springbreak, graduation, weddding, baby due date.  There also some not-so-fun countdowns.  Sometimes doctors give people bad news and say you have x amount of time to live.  Sometimes you have countdowns to a scary exam or oral presentation in school.  My not-so-exciting countdown is to Hubs' deployment.  Hubs will be leaving in September to deploy to Afghanistan.  Right now we're about 4ish week out and I  never want September to arrive.  Even though I don't want the days to pass, they keep passing by, and I know that every day I get closer to the day he has to leave.  It's a strange countdown--it's one where I never want to reach "Day 0".  Luckily, once I reach "Day 0", I get to start counting down the days til Hubs returns home.  That is a countdown I can live with.

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