Deployment To Do List

1. Get fit!  Hubs and I have a made a bet to see who will be the most fit after 9 months.  We have taken before photos and will compare at the end.  The winner get to make the first "post deployment large-ish purchase."  For me, that will be an iPhone or an iPad, for Hubs it will most definitely be a new gun.

2.  Repair our scrapbook album and add pages from the past year

3.  Sew curtains for various rooms in the house

4.  Reorganize the pantry and baking cabinet

5.  Have my favorite Georgia Peach come visit me...you know who you are Begins tonight!

6.  Attend the amazing wedding of two wonderful people in December

7.  Save lots of $$

8.  Reread the Harry Potter books

9.  Try one new recipe a week

10.  Improve my sewing skills

11.  Decorate the master bedroom...it's the most boring room in the house

12.  Visit the in laws in Florida

13.  Convince my favorite Michigan girlfriends to come and visit me

14.  See Les Miserables in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend

15.  See Beauty & the Beast at McCain in December

16.  See Drumline at McCain in February

17.  See the Lion King in Witchita  Completed September 16

18.  Teach Othello to sleep on the bed Started September 17 (3 successful nights so far!)

19.  Secure a full time teaching job at FRMS for next school year

20.  Practice the piano at least 4 times a week

22.  Actually do some of my DIY projects I've pinned on Pinterest...let's say 2 projects per month

23.  Take photography lessons and dazzle Hubs with my newly acquired skills and knowledge

24.  Plan a vacation for when Hubs returns

25.  Go shopping with the writer of Something Clever, Cute and Classy

26.  Hang out with my Fort Riley battle buddies every opportunity I get    Started September 15

27.  Go home for Thanksgiving & Christmas

28.  Try to attend my sister's piano recital

29.  Make my mom/parents visit as many times as possible over the next 265 days.

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