Remember.  Isn't that what we're supposed to do?
Remember.  Honestly, how can anyone forget?
Remember.  I remember.  I remember an orthodontist's red chair and braces and a radio and a brown haired nurse who delivered the news.
Remember.  I remember.  I remember smoke.  I remember being scared.  I remember not understanding.  I still don't understand.
Remember.  I remember a prayer service, a presidential address, and lots of tears and unanswered questions.
Remember.  I remember firemen and policemen running into buildings while everyone else was trying to run out of the buildings.
Remember.  I remember the day I understood evil really does exist.  I remember wondering about the fate of our country.  I remember wondering if we'd ever truly be safe again.
Remember.  How can I forget?  It's because of this day that so many of our loved ones are overseas fighting to maintain our freedom.  Someday my beloved one may have to join them...how can I forget?
Remember.  I remeber seeing faces of those who were looking for their missing loved ones.  I remeber the fear in their eyes.  I remember the look of panic on their faces...
Remember.  I remember the heroes.  I remember a country that wanted to be unified in the face of terror and tragedy.  I remember being thankful that God still works and moves in the midst of a broken world.  
Remember.  I'm not going to forget.

Thank you to all those who sacrificed their lives that day.  Thank you to all those who continue to put their lives in danger of my sake and the sake of our country.  


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