Hello, Cupcake

Today was the beginning of the cupcakes wars at my house.  No we are not literally at war. And no, we are not on the Food Network's tv competition show, Cupcake Wars, either.  My mom, baker extraordinaire, agreed to a C-R-A-Z-Y cupcake order earlier this month.  A marketing company wanted to put out a calendar of cupcakes.  Every month would feature a different cupcake and the recipe.  Easy right?  Wrong!  The baking of the 24 dozen (2 dozen per month) cupcakes is a piece of cake...hahaha I laugh at myself.  It's the decorating of the cupcakes that is a nightmare.  Mom and I are got started this morning at 7:30 am.  On our way to pick up extra ingredients, we got sidetracked at a thrift store to look for furniture for hubs and me.  After our little excursion, we continued baking until 5:00.  Mom continued to decorate until about 8.  It's been crazy here.  We're not finished yet.  We still have a full day ahead of us tomorrow.

Best story of the day:
Mom, my aunt, and I were in the kitchen working and we saw Othello (my puppy) walk into the dining room.  We told him to go play with his toys and then got distracted with some cupcake issue.  The next minute, Othello is running away with a vanilla cupcake and eating as fast as he can.  I tackled him to try and wrestle it away, but he had already eaten it--paper and all.  What we didn't realize until 2 hours later: he had actually eaten 2 cupcakes...paper and all.  We only caught him on the second one...that little weasel!


  1. Kait, I so LOVE the story about Othello and the cupcakes! Around Christmas one year Matt had made lunch for himself and left it on the kitchen table while he answered a phone call. He left Gabe under the Christmas tree and returned to him in the same place, but licking his chops! That stinker had dragged his sandwich to the tree skirt and ate the whole thing! Animated creatures those puppies are.
    Love, Trisha

  2. Kait. I love reading your blog. I thought you should know:-)