Fish Tacos (Chili's knock-off)

Hubs and I were in charge of dinner at my house tonight.  Ever since my mom and I went to Chili's last week, we've been craving fish tacos.  So we made some.  They were delicious--so delicious that I decided to share.


1 lb of tilapia (or fish of your choice)
1 bag of frozen shrimp
Pico de gallo (can be found pre-made at Meijer)
Shredded lettuce
Mexican cheese

Beer Battered Fish/Shrimp:
1 12oz bottle of beer
2 cups of flour
2 tsp of garlic salt
2 tsp of black pepper

Honey Chipotle Drizzle (like Chili's)
1 C Corn Syrup
1/4 C Barbecue sauce
1/4 C Honey
3 Tbs Orange Juice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp of ground red pepper (cayanne)
1 pinch chipotle powder
2 drops of lemon juice


Heat 2 inches of oil in deep frying pan.  Cut up tilapia into small pieces.  Combine beer, 1.5 cups of flour, pepper and garlic salt together in bowl.  Coat fish in mixture.  Then coat fish in another layer of flour and drop into frying pan.  Leave until golden brown--approximately 4 minutes or so.  Do the same with the shrimp.

Combine all the ingredients in a microwaveable dish.  Microwave for 90 seconds, stirring after 60 seconds.  Let cool.  (You may add a little corn startch if you'd like the drizzle to have a thicker consistency)

To Eat:

Take a tortilla, add all your favorite toppings (cilantro, lettuce, pico, cheese,) add the fish/shrimp, some drizzle and enjoy!

*Sorry, no pictures--I completely forgot! :-(


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