Thanksgiving Preparations

Whew.  I just spent 3.5 hours in the kitchen beginning preparations for my debut as a Thanksgiving Day cook.  So exciting!

This past weekend I baked cookies and threw them in the freezer for our guests to munch on.

Today I baked pumpkin slices and an Espresso Orea Mud Pie (like the Mongolian Mud Pie at BD's).

I also screwed up muffins and am hoping no one will notice.  I can make many things, but apparently I cannot follow directions for a box of Cinnabon Cinnamon Muffins.  I forgot an egg.  I was too busy singing along to my favorite Glee songs.  They look ok and taste fine, they're just not as moist as I'd like them to be.  Hopefully no one will care.

Finally, I made corn chower with dumplings for tomorrow night.  Our guests will be arriving a around 7ish so I want to have something ready for them when they get here.  Homemade corn chower and homemade bread.  Yum.  I have all I can do not to eat the whole pot of chowder right now.  It's so yummy.

Tomorrow I will cook the turkey and do one more final cleaning of the house.  I love being the hostess.


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