I'm an Army Wife: lessons from an "educational" tv drama

Yesterday was my first official day as an army wife and Hubs' first official day as an army officer.  Hubs began basic officer leadership couse (BOLC) on Monday.  So far so good.  Aside from the loooong hours, I think I will enjoy army life.  I think I was more nervous than Hubs was on his first day.  I just wanted everything to go well.  We've been anticipating this for so long.  Our life is finally in motion.

 I learned that there are two other guys in Hubs' class that have wives.  I told him that he had to make friends with them so I can meet their wives.  I haven't made any friends yet.  It's hard to meet people when you're not on a college campus and you don't have a job.  I was hoping to meet people at my gym, but it's pretty new so it's never very busy.  I did apply to sub in the Waynesville Public School District, so hopefully that works out.  I need to get my butt back in the classroom.  I miss it.  

Let's get to the meat in the post.

I have a new addiction.  Has anyone heard of the Lifetime tv series "Army Wives"?  Well apparently it's been on the air for 5 seasons.  I started watching it instantly on netflix a few weeks ago.  It's good.  Hubs even watched it with me for a little while.  He was even smiling, which I think was because he was enjoying the show.  I like it when he watches with me because I can ask questions like "Does that happen in real army life?"  "Is that acronym right?"  "How realistic is this situation?"  Strangely enough, this show has helped me maintain a positive attitude about being an army wife.  Now don't get me wrong, the has not brainwashed me into thinking my life is going to be like a Hollywood tv show.  However, I am convinced that I will be able to handle the challenges that come with being in the army.  The show has done a good job of explaining why it's so important for me to be strong, be supportive, and be flexible. 

 I used to think it sucked that I couldn't pursue my goals because of the army.  I was often upset because I didn't feel like the army cared about what I wanted or how I felt about anything.  Whether or not that's true is not and shouldn't be important.  The army may not care that I would rather live in Colorado or Washington or North Carolina.  They may not care that I've dreamed of teaching high school in western Michigan.  They do care about Hubs.  More importantly they care about my freedom.  That's more important than where I live right?  And where I teach?  I know this sounds crazy, but these are lessons that I've learned from my new tv show addiction--and from my long hours at home by myself.

So my love/hate relationship with the army continues.  I love what they do.  I love that they take care of us pretty well.  I hate their disorganization.  I hate how much I have to worry because my husband is in the army.  But this is my new life.  I am now an army wife and I intend to embrace this life and make the most of it.  


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