Aruba, Bahama, Come on baby wanna..

...Go to Antigua?  I definitely want to go back.  Our honeymoon was the most relaxing week I have ever experienced.  We spent our time by our private pool reading and swimming.  I read Nicholas Sparks' book Safe Haven and Kathryn Scott's The Help.  Hubs read a couple books as well, I just don't remember the names.  They were boy books--violent and action filled.  Aside from that, we ate--a lot.  The food was amazing.  The first night I started a competition.  Because the food in the evenings was rather fancy (read: we didn't always understand what we were ordering) I decided that we should see who orders the best dishes each night.  Every meal was 4 courses, there was only one soup option per night so you could only earn up to 3 points in one night.  If you ordered the same thing, no points.  If we both liked our own dishes or each other's dishes better, no points.  We were only awarded points if the other person's dish was clearly the better choice.  I was ahead for the entire vacation--until Sunday night.  Sunday Hubs tied it up and on Monday he beat me.  If you know us, you know we love watching the food network.  This gave us a chance to act like some of the judges from Chopped and critque the food.  On our last full day, we took advantage of their wellness cottage and got a couples massage.  It was glorious.

In front of our adorable cottage

Cocobay Resort

The beach

The other beach

Another view 

Our patio and plunge pool.  It was an infinity pool so it looked like we were in the ocean!

Dressed up for dinner


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