I have a Dream...

...to work at Starbucks Coffee.  Anybody who knows me well, knows this little fun fact about me.  I don't know if it's the coffee or the atmosphere, but I've always wanted to work at Starbucks.  I love the idea of waiting on people and making them coffee.  I love that I would be able to brighten someone's day with smile and a warm caramel macchiatto.   I am hoping that this dream will come true--soon.  Yesterday I stopped at the Starbucks on post after waking up at 4:50 am to get my military dependent ID.  While I was ordering my skinny salted caramel mocha, I asked about a job application.  They sent me to the HR dept at the Post Office to get the information I needed.  I went home, filled out the application, called HR, and got an interview for Wednesday at 9:15.

Please say a prayer that the interview goes well.  Not only do I need something to keep me busy here in Missouri, I could also use the extra money, and the human contact for that matter.



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  1. So cool! Praying for you and I hope it goes well :) P.S. Loooove the new background!