Go State!

In honor of today's game, I thought I'd post about MSU.

Before I started dating Hubs, I had never been to a football game.  My high school didn't have football and neither did my college.  I didn't know what I was missing.

In fall of 2009, Hubs took me to my very first football game--MSU vs. U of M.  For all you football fans out there, you know this rivalry is HUGE.  MSU dominated pretty much the whole game and U of M caught up at the end.  MSU won in over time.


Later that fall, Hubs took me to the MSU vs. Northwestern game.  It was not nearly as exciting as the first game, but we still won.


A year later Hubs took me to the famous MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  This is the one when we won in overtime with a trick play.  Aaron Bates was supposedly going to kick the ball and being a quarterback in high school, picked up the ball and threw a touch down.


See a pattern yet?

A month later, I went to the MSU vs. Purdue game.  Win.


A year later.  MSU vs. Wisconsin.  Tough game.  I honestly thought their winning streak for the games I attend was going to end.  1st quarter.  14-0.  For sure this game was over.  However, the defense kicked it up a notch and outplayed Wisconsin.  At the end, we started to fall apart and Wisconsin tied it up with just seconds to go.  Thinking we were headed into a (probably losing) overtime, I began to shake.  With 4 seconds to go, Kirk Cousins hail mary-ed the football down the field.  It bounced off Cunningham's (I think) helmet and landed in the hands of Nichol.  Nichol broke the plane and WE WON!




We won, baby!

I should've went to the Nebraska game last week.  I mean, I am living in Missouri.  Nebraska isn't that far.  It could've been win # 6 for me.

Go State!


P.S.  My hair is getting so long....maybe a chop is in my near future??


  1. Haha what a pattern! And, no! Don't chop your hair, I LOVE it long, so cute! And, what a fab honeymoon! It looks like you guys really got to relax and have fun :) Hope you're doing well!

  2. Kait! don't cut your hair! It's beautiful! I'm impressed you've let it grow that long! Check out my blog:) You inspire me:)

  3. I love the pattern! I have never been to game were state has lost. We must be good luck!

    Also, I can't believe I saw you at the State vs. Wisconsin game! So crazy.

    Savannah Smith