Dreaming of Pizza and FroYo

Welp, these past two days have been interesting.  My parents have been on vacation for the past week, so my sister, Hubs and I have been trying to hold down the fort.  This has been easier said than done.  Aside from the house looking like ten tornados blew through it (Hubs and I really have nowhere to put our belongings and furniture), we've been on full time Grandma duty.  Yesterday she had scheduled a colonoscopy, so we woke up at 6 am to bring her to the hospital.  Thankfully, the doctors didn't find anything so that is a relief.  Unfortunately the prep for the test took a toll on Gram.  She felt terribly sick yesterday before the test and continued to feel nauseous ever since.  Finally today she called us and asked if we'd take her to the ER.

So that's where we are right now.  In the ER.  For 4 hours so far.  No one has visited us in over an hour.  ERs really are terrible places.  They're slow and inefficient.  It's pretty much empty tonight and it's still slow.  I try to avoid going to the ER at all costs.  It's one of those places that makes you grouchy immediately because it's slow...kinda like the DMV.  I hate going to the DMV, which is probably why I haven't changed my name on my driver's license yet.  I hope they speed things up around here.  Hubs and I didn't eat dinner.  We're hungry.  I think healthy eating is out the window for tonight.  Right now I am dreaming about Sanfrantello's deep dish pizza and some froyo for dessert.

Dear St. Margaret's ER, please hurry up so Grandma can feel better and we can get ourselves some dinner.  Thanks,

UPDATE on Grams:  We finally were able to leave around 10:30 tonight.  We didn't get our pizza and froyo but we did get McD's and a Wendy's vanilla frosty. They decided to keep Grams for observation because her sodium levels were so low.  Apparently that could be affecting the nausea and dizziness as well.  Grams has been feeling nauseous and dizzy since February and has had countless tests done and trips to the emergency room to figure out the problem.  Maybe now we're getting to the bottom of things.  Anyway, it's expected that she will be there for a couple days. My parents decided to come home early from their trip.  They will arrive tomorrow (only a day earlier), so Hubs and I will be getting back up, which is really nice and much appreciated.   K, I will keep you posted.  Prayers requested.



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