Random Thoughts

Random thought # 1:

Sometimes it's hard to be motivated.  I am sitting here in our apartment.  I have a billion things to do and the only things I can manage to "accomplish" are perusing blogs and daydreaming about how I want to decorate my house someday.  I am enrolled in 16 credit hours of classes this summer and I've barely completed any of the work.  I have boxes strewn about my apartment because we're moving (again) on Friday.  I should be working out and toning up, but instead I sit on the couch in the mornings and watch Boy Meets World reruns.

Random thought # 2:

I've really gotten into blogging.  I love waking up every morning and spending a few minutes catching up on the blogs I love.  I've decided I should share some of these with you.  If you're into decorating, cooking, crafting, handmade things, or every day life, I'm sure you will enjoy these:






Random thought # 3:

In other news, I started doing yoga yesterday.  A new friend recommended power yoga as a possible workout I might like.  Instead of jumping right in with the "power," I decided to try a few beginner yoga sessions so I could learn the moves and positions.  I was surprised at how much I liked it.  It was very relaxing and I really did feel refreshed after completing the morning workout.  I definitely want to stick with it and hopefully I will be more relaxed and flexible because of yoga.  I always love trying new workouts.  I get bored with doing the same thing over and over.  Let me know if there's a work out you love and think I should try!




  1. Hey we can do homework together! I finally finished my FIRST assignment for my history class. Stupid 3 page paper took me practically the entire summer to write! I've got major work to do too.

  2. Good. I've got 63 pages worth of papers to write for Am Lit.

  3. I appreciate your mention of my blog in your post!

    Let me know if you have any questions or anything. :)

  4. Your blog is so fun! Did you get the dashingdish one from me?!?! ;)

  5. Thanks! Yes I did. I love it! She's great!