Moving Time

That's right.  We're moving.  On Friday.  I know, I know...we just settled into our place.  We have only been living here for 6 weeks together.  I'm just getting used to this town and we're leaving already.  It's time for us to leave our first home.  I have to say, I am pretty bummed about leaving Michigan.  I've grown to love living here more than anything.  All of my close friends are up here.  Many of Hubs' close friends live here or are from here.  I'm sad that we have to leave this state I've called home for the past four years.  I hope and pray God will lead us back to this state someday after we're finished with the military gig.

Alas, we must leave and move on to new things.  Before we can officially "be on our own," we're moving in with my parents for the next two months.  Now I know you are probably thinking, "WHAT?!!?"  It's not what we imagined we'd be doing after getting married either.  However, with Hubs being in the army, we have to be willing to do crazy things like move in with my parents 6 weeks after we got married.  My summer internship is complete, our lease is up, Hubs' job is over, and we're not allowed to move to Missouri (for Hubs' BOLC training) until the beginning of November.  That means we have two months of no employment (who hires for only two months anyway?) and nowhere to live (I told you our lease was up).  Thankfully I have generous parents who were willing to house us and feed us (and our puppy) for two months.

Honestly, I think it will be fun; I'm kinda excited.  I love my parents.  They're great.  They make me laugh...a lot.  My parents' house is plenty big for all of us and they both work during the day so I don't think it will be too bad.  Actually Hubs and I will be busy when we're living there.  We have plans to complete the 2-month Insanity program, work on my online classes, and repaint and redecorate our (new) room, the spare room, and my sister's room.  Hopefully we will complete all of those tasks by the time we leave for our much-anticipated honeymoon on the island of Antigua in October.

Stay tuned to hear about the shenanigans that take place at my parents' house.



  1. You love your parents...and your sister too!!

  2. Yes, of course. And my sister. I love her lots.