Hair Cut Days are the Best Days!

Today was a great day.  I got my hair cut today.  I love hair cut days.  They are ALWAYS good days because my hair looks fantastic.  It doesn't even matter that I only got a trim and my bangs cut.  I just feel so much better because I have nice blunt ends and cute whispy bangs. Take a look:

So looong!
Thanks to my Mom-in-law for these
beautiful handmade earrings!
 She's so stinkin' talented!

Hubs and I have officially been living at my parents' house for 4 days.  It's been a busy past few days.  We got home on Monday night after a wonderful weekend in Cinncinati celebrating the marriage of two of our good friends.  Wednesday morning we got up early to drop my parents off at the airport so they could get away for a vacation.  They certainly deserve it!  Now it's just the kids at home with the dog.  We've been having fun.    Our days consist of working out (Hubs & I started Insanity!),taking care of Othello, writing Thank You cards, working on my online courses (16 credits...yikes!), organizing, unpacking, moving bedrooms around, and trying to find time to relax.  I feel that we've been very productive over the past four days.  I hope we can keep up the motivation and the good work.

Saturday we plan to start painting our new room.  I picked out a comforter for $18 from Target.  (I'm trying to upload a picture but it's not working.)  It's from Room Essentials.  It's white with light green and light grey climbing leaves.  I love navy and light green together so I bought navy sheets and a couple navy and green pillows.  We're going to paint the walls light grey and hang navy curtains.  I'm really excited to see this room when it is finished.  I will post pictures next week!

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  1. Very cute hair!! I love getting my hair done. I just feel so much more "fresh" and overall better.