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Welcome to the first MK monday!  This is where I will share MK stories, thoughts, products, and inspiration from my business.

Since I started my business, I've made it my mission to slowly try all the Mary Kay products.  I am far from finished, but I love being able to share my thoughts about different products with my customers.  It's much better to say, "Well, I've tried this and I think this," rather than "Well, I've heard that this product is supposed to do this."

My favorite new products are from the Art of Nature collection.  These are from the limited edition spring line.  I love love love the new liquid eye shadow and dual lip glaze.  These are eyeshadows that work well together and can also be layered with our mineral eye color.  The lip glaze is perfect for the ultra glossy lip many of us crave.
I love layering these shadows.  I use pearl to cover the lid to brow bone,
then I use rainforest over the lid.  Finally, I highlight the inside corner
of my eye with Moonstone mineral eye shadow and I use either Emerald,
Sweet Plum, or Granite, to accent to outside corner of my eye.   
Here's a picture of the entire collection.
I absolutely love the bright colors! 
This beauty is wearing the Rich Rainforest look.
Click the link to see how you can achieve this for yourself!!

Feel free to check out my website at www.marykay.com/kaitlin.chew

I ship for FREE!  I also include a gift with a purchase of $40.  I hope you enjoyed the first MK Monday!


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