What's in a Name?

Lately I've been wondering if I should change the name of my blog.  On the one hand I feel that "Journeys" is quite fitting.  It encapsulates my life as one big journey, which it is.  As an army wife, I am constantly on a journey.  I'm constantly being stretched out of my comfort zone.  We always seem to be on the move, getting ready for the next big change or transition.  Those are the reasons why I think "Journeys" is a fitting name for my blog.

I really only have one thing against my blog's name.  I think it's it's boring.  I want something fun and clever.  I want a name that people read and say, "Wow.  That name is the pefect combination of fun and clever."  My friend Kate has a blog.  Its title is "Something Clever, Cute and Classy."  That's a perfect name.

I don't know, maybe my boredom will pass.  Or maybe I will name my blog "The Chew."  I mean there's already a TV show named after me, why shouldn't I name my blog after me as well? ;-)


1 comment:

  1. I saw this and couldn't resist. I'm sure you've heard this...

    "Something to Chew On..." lol
    "Don't Forget to Chew"
    "Thoughts to Chew On..." Idk

    Here's my blog :) I'll be moving to Texas in a week so I won't be able to update it a lot. http://daysinbetweenblog.blogspot.com/