Welcome to my first Fitness Friday post!  Today I just wanted to share some exciting news.  I will be running in the Kansas City Color Run on July 1st!  I'm not a huge runner, but I determined to make myself one.  I figured the Color Run will be a great way for me to get excited about running.  I've never run a 5k before, so I figured I should do a little training.  I can safely say 2 miles isn't a problem.  I'm a little nervous about that last mile.  Like I said, I am not a runner.  I think with adequate training, and the adrenaline that will surely be present the day of the race, I will be able to finish.

I know the Color Run is coming to many cities across the U.S.  You should definitely consider walking or running.  It's a for a great cause and it going to be a ton of fun.  And if anyone wants to join me in Kansas City, sign up to run on team ColormeCHEW.

Happy Running!!


  1. Whenever I see your excitement about this, I get a little sad....