Let's BUCKLE down

I have another job aside from MK.  I work at the Buckle.  Technically I haven't started yet, but I am already allowed to take advantage of my super awesome employee discount...40%!  Winning!  I officially start training on Tuesday.  I will be working 3 days per week about 20 hours total.  Once Hubs leaves for deployment, I will probably stack on the hours.  I will need to keep busy and the extra money is definitely needed.

Why do I need the extra money you ask?

Because...I am a proud owner of a beautiful, sparkling white Ford Escape.  I guess you could say some good came of the hit and run :)



  1. Now just stay out of aggieville

  2. Anonymous,
    I definitely plan to. If anything I will park blocks away and walk to wherever I need to be. I do not want anymore hit & runs in my future.